Last Will and Testament
William H. Bassett, deceased
July 17 1902

I leave all my furniture to Mrs. Amanda Bassett

Large octogen marble table
Small avg.  “        “
What not & Shales
My picture on wall
Large Bed Bolsters & Pillow
Sheets conforts & blankets
Books, Book Case & Contents
Marble top Beaura & Contents
Wash Stand  with Marble top
 and contents, Seatete
&  Cushiond Chair
Patent rocker & arm Chair
Perforated Back rocker
Commode & Spice Cabinet
Fur Robe Clock & Battery
Terra Cotto Lamp & Globe
Large Bible & Album
Case Varnish & Iron
fender lot of dishes & a ruggett.

W.H. Bassett.

 Application for Letters of Administration c.&.a.
and affidavit filed.

State of Pennsylvania
Allegheny County ss

 Be it known, that This eleventh day
 of September A.D. 1902 before me Fred W. Edwards, Register
of Wills, c., in-and-for the County aforesaid, came
Mrs Katie Maxwell and Mrs. Mary A. Smith and on their
Solemn oath did dispose and say that they were well
acquainted with William H. Bassett the testator, to the foregoing
instrument of writing purporting to be his last will and
testament with his handwriting and signature, and that the
signature of William H. Bassett to the said writing is in his
own proper handwriting, as they verily believe.

Sworn and subscribed
before me the above date
Fred W. Edwards
Mrs. Kate Maxwell
Mrs. Mary A. Smith

Now Sept. 11th A.D. 1902, the testimony of the above named witnesses
being sufficient; I do hereby admit, the foregoing Will to Probate,
and order the same to be recorded as such.
   Given my hand the above date
     Fred W. Edwards

 Now, Dec. 10th A. D. 1902 Letters of Administration
cum, testa mento amexo were duly granted unto
Fidelity Title & Trust Co. See Bond Book Vol 73 Page 655:
See No 448 & Registers Docket No. 1 page 236.

 To Fred W. Edwards, Esq.
  Register of Wills and ex-officio Clerk of the Orphans Court of the County of
Allegheny in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

 In the matter of the Administration of the Goods,
Chattels, Rights and Credits of

W.H. Bassett deceased,
late of Allegheny City, Pa

 The petition of Fidelity Title & Trust Co. respectfully showeth that W.H.Bassett was a resident of Allegheny County, State of Pennsylvania and departed this life at No. 3709 Butler Street, City of Pittsburgh in the County of Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, on the Seventh day of August A. D. 1902 at 5 o’clock A.M. That the said decedent left surviving the following named widow or husband, heirs and next of kin, to wit:

 Name    Relationship  Residence
Elizabeth R. Maxwell   Daughter  Pittsburgh

And next of kin as set forth in Petition of Elizabeth R. Maxwell, 448 Registers’s

 The said intestate was possessed of Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits to the value of $930.21, and of real estate (less incumbrances) to the value of $500.00 as near as can be ascertained, situate as follows: Springdale, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania



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