Mathias Gift
Estate papers.

Mathias Gift did not leave a will. However, his estate papers reveal the following. A Deed of 1798 from Mathias Gift of Guilford Twp., to George Gift of same; land joining Adam George, Robert English and John Thorn, being a grant to John Harmony in 1762. Signed by Mathias Gift and Margaret Gift. Deeds show an agreement dated March, 1798, from Mathias Gift to George Gift, both of Guilford Twp. Mathias conveys the plantation he now lives on with 1 wagon, windmill, log chain and 4 hogs to George Gift and for and in consideration of above articles George Gift binds himself unto Mathias and wife during their natural lives, the mantion house, garden, to plow the garden, cut and holl the firewood, 20 bushels Rye, wheat, corn or buckwheat, Pork, flax, 5 apple trees, take their grain to mill &c. At the death of Mathias and wife George to pay 400 pounds to such legatees as Mathias shall please to designate.
Penna. Arch. 5th Ser. Vol. 6, p. 546.



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