Robert McCully Estate Record
Mifflin County

Personally came before me one of the justice of the peace for said County of Pennsylvania, William Martin of Mifflin County & being sworn as law directs deposeth & saith that he was well acquainted with Robert McCulley a soldier in the late war with great Britton and also well acquainted with George McCulley and Hugh McCully, brothers to the said Robert McCulley, and also with Agnes McCully (now Todhunter) sister to the said Robert McCulley & the said Robert McCulley being a Sergent at the time of marching out, and ** , Robert McCulley and this Deponent were both enlisted and went out together from Carlisle in the year 1776. & in Capt Wm Butlers Company then in the second regiment commanded by Col. St Clair, and from thence we marched to Philadelphia, New York, Albany, Fort George, Ticonderoga, Crown Point, St Johns, Chamblie, to themouth of Surrell Riber, to the city of Montreal, Lashean fort, to St Anns. And the said deponent further saith that the said Robert McCulley on his return home at Ticonderoga received an Ensighs commission and died in the town of Bethlehem in the State of Pennsylvania in the year 1777, as said deponent believes as he was present in Philadelphia when a certain George Grier, who was left to take care of said Robert McCully came with the clothes & sword of the said Robert to his brother George, who was then a Lieutenant & said he died as above mentioned

Wm Martin
Sworn & subscribed.
This 29th day of May 1804
Before me
John Patterson



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