James Thompsons estate August 12, 1862

 On petition of the heirs of James Thompson, late of East Deer Twp., decd., who died May 2, 1860, leaving a widow Nancy & seven children, to wit: Robert; Henry; James; Ann; Elizabeth, wife of William T. Wilson, William C.; and Mary Jane (the last two minors & wards of George Pillow); and seized of three tracts in east Deer Twp. The petitioner stated that Robert Thompson had since died, having devised his share to his mother Nancy and, after her death, to his son Calvin, for whom the said Nancy is guardian.
August 27, 1862
 The property was divided into seven portions.
November 29, 1862

 Portions were accepted at valuation by: Nancy Thompson; George Pillow, guardian of Mary Jane Thompson; Ann Thompson; James Thompson; George Pillow, guardian of Wm. C. Thompson; and Elizabeth Wilson. The seventh portion (a lot in the Borough of Tarentum) was not taken & was ordered sold.
January 13, 1863
 Nancy Thompson & Alexander Pillow, administrators, reported that the lot was sold to Martha Bagaly on January 8, 1863.



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