Allegheny Co., PA
Will book 7, Page 548

I George Beatty Meanor of Moon Township Allegheny County and state of Pennsylvania being of sound and disposing mind, yet knowing that it is appointed to men to die do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all others. First my will is that all my funeral charges and just debts be paid and second I hereby give and bequeath to my son Davidson Meanor, to his heirs and assigns forever all the lot of ground on which he and I reside with all the buildings including my whole purchase from Samuel C. Jennings, provided my said son pays the sum of sixty five dollars within three years after my decease, without interest, to my son Isaac Meanor for his use, or to his heirs, administrators, executors and assigns and provided my son Davidson pays the further sum of thirty five dollars to his daughter, being my grand daughter Martha Davidson Meanor, on her becoming eighteen years of age. The above described premises are subject eventually to be sold according to the stipulations of an article between myself and Samuel C. Jennings. And to use or rent, by my wife in case she survives me. Third I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Elizabeth, the use or rent of the old house I reside in now, and all the ground except the garden adjoining the new house, during her life time, but in case she rents said house and ground my son Davidson shall have the refusal of it. I also give and direct my executors to put to interest all the money in my possession or for which I hold obligations and pay my wife all said interest annually for her support during her widow hood. I also give and bequeath unto my said wife our usual bed and bedding . All other articles of personal property shall be sold and the interest  of the avails , shall also go to the support of wife during her lifetime. All of which is in lieu of dower. Fourth I give and bequeath unto my five sons viz. Isaac, Davidson, James Beatty, Eli and Robert (in equal shares, after my wife deceases) all my money, excepting my son Eli is to have fifteen dollars ___., instead of which he is to have my rifle gun and after one dollar is paid to each of my grand children, Martha and Alice Rouser. The residue of my personal probate, is to be divided equally between my five said sons, after my wife’s decease.

Fifth I hereby appoint my trusty friend George Norrison of the Township County and State aforesaid and my son Isaac Meanor executors of this my last will and testament.

Lastly I commit myself to God in hope of the resurrection of my body; and of eternal life, through my glorious Redeemer.

In testimony whereof I the said George Beatty Meanor have here subscribed my name affixed my seal this thirteenth day of August A.D. 1851.
George Beatty Meanor (Seal)
his mark.

Signed sealed and declared by the said George Beatty Meanor to be his last will and testament in presence of us , who at his request and, in his presence  have subscribed  our name as witnesses hereto, in the presence of each other. The words “shall be sold and the interest of the avails shall also go to support of wife during her lifetime “ were interlined before signing.
S. C. Jennings
Samuel Neely
Allegheny County, __

Be it known, that on the Nineteenth day of April, A.D. 1854, personally came before me, Samuel Lightner, Deputy Registrar, for the Probate of Wills, granting Letters of Administration. __ in and for said County, S. C. Jennings and Samuel Neely, the subscribing  witnesses to the foregoing instrument of writing, (Who being by me duly sworn, did depose and say that they saw and heard the Testator George Beatty Meanor, sign with a mark (his name being previously written) publish and declare it as being of and for his last will and testament; that at the time of so doing, he was of sound mind and disposure (Memory, to the best of their observation and belief, and that at his request, and in his presence they subscribed their names as witnesses thereto.

Given under my hand the above date
Samuel Lightner
Dep. Registrar



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