Orphans Court June Session, 1869
(Allegheny Co., Pa)

Francis E. Maxwell
Mary C. Maxwell
William A. Maxwell
Harry H. Maxwell

 The petition of Mary Maxwell, wife of Alexander Maxwell late of Allegheny County deceased was presented to the Court showing:

 That her husband, the said Alexander Maxwell died leaving surviving him five children viz. Samuel H. Maxwell of full age being over 25 years, 2nd Mary Charlotte, intermarried with Joseph Mears, 3rd William A. Maxwell, 4th Harry H. Maxwell & 5th Francis E. Maxwell, said four minors are all over fourteen years of age except Francis E. the last named.

 Your petition further states that said minors are entitled to his estate except their quota subject to the rights of their mother, your petitioner ie. a little household and kitchen furniture and in the excess of what a small vacant lot No. 5 in A C. Taggerts plan in McClure Township may sell for over and above the lien against it for purchase money. The whole of said excess personally prepposed not to amount to more than about one hundred dollars. Further your petitioner states that said minors have no person legally appointed to take care of their person and estate. Your petitioner therefore prays your Honorable Court to appoint some suitable person, Guardian of the said Francis E. and to permit the said Mary C., Willam A. and Harry H. to make choice of some suitable person as Guardian and your petitioner will ever pray so.

Affidavit of Mary A. Maxwell filed.

And now June 12th 1869, the within petition presented and read in open court upon due consideration by the court the prayer of the petitioner is granted and upon leave being granted, the within named Mary Meirs and Harry H, having made choice of Samuel Maxwell as their guardian he is appointed as such as also Guardian of the within named Francis E, minor within named and direct the said Samuel Maxwell to file his bond with sureties to be approved by the court in the sum of One hundred dollars, conditioned for the faithful discharge of his duties as such Guardian.

        By the court

Bond of Samuel Maxwell with Robert U. Blair and William Hough as sureties in the sum of One hundred dollars. June 12 69 approved
        By the court

For petitioners order of sale see No. 130 June term 1869



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