Record of the Will of David Thompson, deceased.

 I, David Thompson of the Township of Cadiz in the County of Harrison and State of Ohio, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say;

First it is my Will and I so order that all my just debts & funeral Expenses including a tomb stone be first and fully paid.

Second; It is my will and I so order that my library of books be equally divided between my children and the legal representatives of such as are deceased the grand children taking their parents share.

Thirdly. I Will and direct that a fair valuation of all my estate be made both Real & personal and that all my property both real & personal and mixed of which I shall die siezed and possessed shall be sold by my administrator with this will annexed (Such person as the Court in their wisdom shall appoint as Administrator as aforesaid) for its reasonable value on such credit and the payments thereof secured in such manner as is usual in such cases to secure the full and punctual payment thereof; And effectuate this my intention. I do hereby invest the said administrator appointed as aforesaid with full power and Authority to sell at private or public sale all my real estate and to make a deed or deeds in fee simple to the purchaser or purchasers, and do ever act necessary to perfect a good title to the purchaser or purchasers in as full and large a manner as I myself could do if living.

Fourth. I will and direct that the net proceeds of my real & personal estate after paying my debts and costs of administration be equally divided into ten shares, share and share alike, and dispose of as follows, to wit; One share to my son Joseph Thompson; and one share to the children of my deceased daughter Mary late the wife of Joseph McFadden, to be divided equally amongst her children or their legal representatives, share and share alike. One share to my daughter Elizabeth wife of William McFadden her heirs & assigns; One share to my son John G. Thompson his heirs and assigns and one share to my daughter Catharine wife of John Sharp, and to her heirs and assigns; One share to the children & legal representatives  of my deceased daughter Martha, late the wife of Adam Dunlap and their legal representatives; One share to my daughter Rachel wife of Samuel Atkinson and to her heirs and assigns; One share to the children of my deceased daughter Sophia, late the wife of John Hitchcock, to be equally divided amongst them share & share alike; One share to my son James Thompson and to his heirs and assigns; and one share to the children of my deceased son David thompson Jr, to wit; John Thompson, David Thompson and Joseph Thompson, they however must pay my estate the sum of three hundred dollars, with interest thereon from the date of a deed executed by John Love & his wife for the land on which their mother Sarah (Rea) Thompson now resides, as I advanced that sum of $300 to assist in purchasing said farm for the benefit of said Sarah and her children.

Fifth. It is my Will and I do order that if any of my grand children shall die before they Receive their portion of my estate, then their children shall be entitled to the share of their deceased parent; if they leave issue, and if they die leaving no issue than their brothers and sisters shall inherit the share, of such as may die without issue.

 In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 25th day of July in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight Hundred and fifty five, hereby revoking all former wills by me made.

         David Thompson  {Seal}
 Signed sealed & published by the said David Thompson as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request & in his presence signed the same as witnesses,
      Amon Lemmon, Lawson Scott, Josiah Scott
 Proven Sept 6, 1869 Amon Lemmon Pro Judge.
James Thompson appointed Adm with bond for $2000 with William T. Sharp & John Beall sureties.  Lawson Scott having moved to LaSalle Co, Ills, his deposition was taken before Thomas L. Carnahan Com. there.



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