From History Of Warren County, Pa
Edited by J. S. Schenck
Assisted by W. S. Rann

Syracuse, N. Y.: D. Mason & Co. Publishers 1887

Page 420 - Sugar Grove Township

Page 421

 At the time of the formation of the township a considerable population had congregated here, composed, for the most part, of the most intelligent and industrious elements of the older societies of the Mohawk valley and New England. A number of the early inhabitants of the town were also natives of Ireland and Scotland. The first permanent settler was undoubtedly Robert Miles, whose son and namesake afterward became prominent in Warren. He came up the river from Pittsburgh in June, 1797, with his family, in the first keel-boat that found its way to Warren. His farm at first embraced an area of nearly three miles square, though it was not rectangular in form. His dwelling house stood about one and one-half miles directly east of the site of Sugar Grove village.

Page 423

Other names found in the tax-list of the county for 1806, belonging to Sugar Grove inhabitants, are those of Charles Byles, William Evans, John Hood, John Portman, and John, James, and William Stuart. The first-named married a daughter of Robert Miles, and resided in town for a number of years.

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