History of the Church of the brethren of the Eastern district of Pennsylvania
By Church of the Brethren. Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Press of The New Era Printing Company
Lancaster, Pa.

Page 163 .....[George] Klein moved to Northkill in Berks Co., Pa., in 1750, to look after the little flock at that place. Likely shortly after this date Gideon Rouser was called to help in preaching, for Morgan Edwards informs us that Elder Bechleshammer had one Gideon Rouser for his assistant.

Page 164 So up to 1790, so far as we can learn, the ministers in Jersey were: John Naas, born in 1669 or 1670; died May 12, 1741; elected to ministry at Creyfelt, Germany. John Bechleshammer, elected between 1733 and 1738. George Klein, born October 9, 1715; baptized in 1739; ordained at Northkill in 1757. Gideon Rouser _____.

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