Various Historical References of Two Thompson Families

1.   History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, PA, - John Rowzer
2.   History of Harrison and Carrol counties, Oh. - Andrew J. Rea
3.   Proceedings and collections of the Wyoming Historical and Geological Society Honeywell
4.   History of Dallas Twp. - Hunnewell
5.   History of Dallas, PA. Honeywell
6.   The Wyoming and Lackawanna Valleys Honeywell
7.   Spragues Journal of Maine History - Roger Hunnewell
8.   History of Harrison and Carrol counties, Oh. - James Thompson
9.   History of Beech Spring Church - Rev. John Rea, D. D.
10. Historical Narrative of the Presbyterian Church of Nottingham - Rev. John Rea, D. D.
11. Early History and Families of Moon Township, Allegheny Co., PA. By C. D. Rouzer
12. Short note on Gideon Rowzer .
13. History of the Sweeney (Sweeny) families.
14. History of Adams County Oh. Rea and Christy
15. Letters from John Rea Page
16. History of Union County Ohio Rea and Christy
17. Forrester References
18. Thompson's of the Northwest
19. Rev. David Thompson of Japan
20. David Thompson (1772-1868) History
21. John Rea (1771-2 - Feb. 12, 1855) History
22. Marriages performed by the Rev. John Rea
23. History of Perry County Pennsylvania - General Frederick Watts
24. History Of Warren County, Pa, - Robert Miles
25. History Of Crawford County, Pa, - William P Biles

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