From History of Dallas Pennsylvania by D.A. Waters

 Three brothers, much variation in spelling the name, came from New Jersey. John came bout 1808, acquired Bedford lot 4, 318 acres, confirmed to him in 1810. This ran from Center Hill to beyond Overbrook Avenue., including several later farms. His home farm on present Huntsville Street included Maplewood Ave., Josep, Elizabeth and Park Streets and lands eastward. This was later owned by John Rainow, John Welch and Joseph Wallo.

 William and Richard with their families arrived later, too late to own land in 1810, but William did get a patent in 1812, for part of Bedford lot 1, formerly one of Daniel Spencer tracts, and adjoining Duffield lands, later the Fairground, near the new high school. Richard lived between Goss Corners and Chestnut Ridge. John is reported with six children. The others each had eight children, making the family very large. In 1818, 8 Honeywells were assessed with 786 acres, 3 houses, 2 other buildings, 8 horses, 2 oxen, and 11 cows. Many went west.

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